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This was executed very well and is seamless. It may just be me, but this is VERY impacting, especially since I love books. The original...

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Mini Me Boxes by YakkosGurl Mini Me Boxes :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 2 9
Dandelion Wishes (Philip Hamilton x Reader)
A/N: this honestly came to me at church, seriously at church, because apparently that's where I come up with most of my stuff I guess... and, if I'm honest, this is really only Philip Hamilton x Reader because of my love for Anthony Ramos characters! and philip seemed to fit just a bit more than John, especially because I just kept thinking "blow us all away" and associated it with blowing all of the seeds away, so... yeah
Dandelion Wishes (Philip Hamilton x Reader)
"You can't catch me!" you shrieked with laughter as you ran over a grassy hill, your childhood friend, Philip Hamilton, following you with just as much speed if not more. Philip was leaving for college soon, so you had marranged to spend as much time together, your last time spent carefree and worriless, your last time spent as kids. "You wanna bet?" he called back playfully, gaining on you with every step.
"Oh yeah, you're too big and lazy!" you shouted, short on breath from all of your running, you were slowing down.
:iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 4 0
Happy Birthday, CatSplat! by YakkosGurl Happy Birthday, CatSplat! :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 1 4 Philip Elephant by YakkosGurl Philip Elephant :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 2 1 Oh my God, La Fayette! by YakkosGurl Oh my God, La Fayette! :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 2 1 and PEGGY by YakkosGurl and PEGGY :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 4 0 Gun-Manuel Miranda Contest Entry by YakkosGurl Gun-Manuel Miranda Contest Entry :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 8 2 JOHN LAURENS by YakkosGurl JOHN LAURENS :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 10 13 Theodosia Burr by YakkosGurl Theodosia Burr :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 5 10 RIP Philip Hamilton by YakkosGurl RIP Philip Hamilton :iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 3 0
Drowning In My Own Tears(TheodosiaxPhilip one-shot
"You can't catch me!" I shouted, running as my best friend, Philip Hamilton chased after me in a game of tag. "Oh yes I can!" He had just turned nine, and he decided he was going to be a poet, i liked that about him, he was brave and courageous, yet he was soft, too. When he caught up to me, he asked me to sit down, I complied and sat in the soft grass. "I want to tell you the poem I wrote to tell my dad when he comes home," he said earnestly, I smiled and waited to hear him recite his first work. "My name is Philip, I am a poet, and I wrote this poem just to show it. And I just turned nine, you can write rhymes but you can't write mine. I practice French and play piano with my mother, I have a sister but I want a little brother. My Daddy's trying to start America's bank. In deluxe trois quatre cinq!" I clapped for him. "How long did it take?" I asked. "Not too long, I thought of it today, but that's not all I wanted to show you." "Whatever else would you want to show me?" I asked,
:iconyakkosgurl:YakkosGurl 2 0
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Syringe by spvcepup Syringe :iconspvcepup:spvcepup 61 1 conspiracy by Irsanna conspiracy :iconirsanna:Irsanna 17 2 Gaston, LeFou and their children by caycowa Gaston, LeFou and their children :iconcaycowa:caycowa 44 2 hugs by SkelletIvory hugs :iconskelletivory:SkelletIvory 7 1 whoopsforgottouploadthis by Aiko-chan2012 whoopsforgottouploadthis :iconaiko-chan2012:Aiko-chan2012 9 2 The Ohana Syndrome by hamursh The Ohana Syndrome :iconhamursh:hamursh 44 0 Hip Hop Queen by Lopoddity Hip Hop Queen :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 1,765 199 John Laurens interlude by spvcepup John Laurens interlude :iconspvcepup:spvcepup 230 54 'Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up, Eliza!' by spvcepup 'Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up, Eliza!' :iconspvcepup:spvcepup 211 48 The Room Where It Happens - FANART - CHECK DESC by spvcepup The Room Where It Happens - FANART - CHECK DESC :iconspvcepup:spvcepup 266 25 I may not live to see our glory by spvcepup I may not live to see our glory :iconspvcepup:spvcepup 114 16 Forest glow by spvcepup Forest glow :iconspvcepup:spvcepup 167 13 just make it end - vent - by spvcepup just make it end - vent - :iconspvcepup:spvcepup 55 9
(Google IRL) Control... (Part 2)
"Begin what?!" Wilford asked.
"You'll see..." Dark said.
"Wait, you're not gonna kill the beautiful young lady friend Mark has with this poor excuse of an android." Wilford said jostling his gun around in his pocket.
"Careful with your words Will... He can hear and understand everything you say." Dark said sounding serious.
"Well it's not my fault we're not in control." Wilford mumbled.
"What?!" Dark said with anger ripping through his voice. "If it wasn't for me you'd be dead on the roof of that building!" "If it wasn't for me The Host would've died in that room bleeding to death!" "If it-" Dark was suddenly cut off from his fit.
"If it wasn't for you we'd still be in control!" "If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have killed any more innocent adults and children!" Wilford said pulling out his golden pistol and pointing it directly at Dark.
"Will." Dark said with a smile on his face, as he pulled out his sleek black pistol.
The Google bot looked at the two in bewilderment at how fast that
:iconhtaylor368:htaylor368 6 14
X by spvcepup X :iconspvcepup:spvcepup 67 3



Music recommendation: The Fighting Jamesons 
I saw these guys live at the Highland Games last summer, and they are really good! I just found out they are on Spotify, so I am in love with their music all over again! Of course, if you don't like Celtic drinking songs and rock music it's not for you, also if you can't stand accents you probly shouldn't listen, but go give it a try!
My Latin class is watching Hercules and we are all singing along to the song because we have all seen it so many times 😂
Had awful school day yesterday, had to dissect frogs in science, I almost puked tbh, like, the smell and sight made me gag so much and I had to keep getting water from the drinking fountain! It was plain awful..... listening to West Side Story soundtrack to feel better right now
Word of advice: If you are more easily scared, never stay up late watching YouTube videos of antisepticeye and Darkiplier, you will a) be unable to sleep b) start looking over your shoulder constantly c) freak out over almost everything and d) Anti and Dark will become your biggest fear (even when you know they aren't real)
Ok, I found this song in a Lams animatics which I will link, and it is really sad and makes me cry, so I thought it would be pretty fitting for today:

Are we to speak, first day of the week
Stumbling words at the bar
Beauty blue eyes, my order of fries
Long island kindness and wine
Beloved of John, I get it all wrong
I read you for some kind of poem
Covered in lines, the fossils I find
Have they no life of their own?
So can we pretend sweetly
Before the mystery ends?
I am a man with a heart that offends
With its lonely and greedy demands
There’s only a shadow of me in a manner of speaking I'm dead
Such a waste, your beautiful face
Stumbling carpet arise
Go follow your gem, your white feathered friend
Icarus, point to the sun
If history speaks of two baby teeth
I’m painting the hills blue and red
They said beware, Lord hear my prayer
I’ve wasted my throes on your head
So can we be friends, sweetly
Before the mystery ends?
I love you more than the world can contain
In its lonely and ramshackle head
There’s only a shadow of me in a manner of speaking I'm dead
I’m holding my breath
My tongue on your chest
What can be said of my heart?
If history speaks, the kiss on my cheek
Where there remains but a mark
Beloved my John, so I’ll carry on
Counting my cards down to one
And when I am dead, come visit my bed
My fossil is bright in the sun
So can we contend, peacefully
Before my history ends?
Jesus I need you, be near me, come shield me
From fossils that fall on my head
There’s only a shadow of me in a manner of speaking I'm dead

Songwriters: Sufjan Stevens


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